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Max Busser, founder of MB&F, remarks that the HM4 is the most legible MB&F watch yet. He is actually quite right. It is the only Horological machine with a traditional looking dial. Round and clear, it is quite easy to read with its Arabic numerals and luminant covered hands, especially given its orientation on the wrist. I actually love reading this watch. Right next to the time is the pod with the power reserve indicator for the movement. In order to make winding super smooth, MB&F added an extra gear to the train. While winding is much smoother, you do need to spend more time winding the watch to keep it wound. Which is actually not terrible given that people who wear manually wound watches tend to like to nervously fidget with the crown and winding it regularly. The watch has two crowns, one behind each pod. the crown behind the power reserve indicator pod is for winding, while the other crown is for adjusting the time. Reading the time is thankfully a breeze, as is operating the movement.

The super famous Tissot T-Touch line just keeps getting additions. Interestingly enough some of my most popular articles are those on the T-Touch Expert and the Sea-Touch. People love these things! Last year at Basel 2009 Tissot released a diving version of the T-Touch with the Sea-Touch, and now we will have the Sailing-Touch. Yes, the name of the models are getting less and less elegant, but the style is looking sharp, and the interesting new functions are always welcome. Interestingly, this new watch will feature a bit of a lower price as I understand it, with some luxury features as well.

With the watch in a 24 hour format, and the hours and minutes being reserved in terms of their position on the dial, the Invention Piece # 3 isn't a breeze to read, but isn't bad either (good that the indicator hands are in bright colors). Novelties like this could have been much harder to decipher, and in fact when made by other brands usually are much harder to decipher. Mechanically the Invention Piece # 3 watch is very well made, and as a machine it is beautiful. As a watch, the timepiece is a bit awkward, but as the "invention" part of the name implies, the watch is like an experiment. In the images I play around with a platinum version of the watch. It is a hefty little lad, and fascinating to operate. Like many Greubel Forsey pieces, you get the most enjoyment peeking into a watches crevices, windows, and closeup sections, as opposed to seeing the whole thing from afar. Price for the watch is in the 0,000 - 0,000 range I believe.

Brands also took a very close look at the Internet and what it was doing. Are people buying watches? Are they buying expensive watches? The answer to these and more questions was undeniably "yes." Marketing was cheaper online, and setting up shop was easier as well. You could have a simple website with an e-commerce component and theoretically sell your products to people all over the world (and while watch brand websites still are horrible to navigate and slow, things are slowly changing). The only problem was the traditional retailers. The existing network of stores all over the world each with their own promised territory or expectations. Internet retailers would obviously compete with brick-and-mortars ones - no questions about it.

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The SNR005 watch comes in a 42mm wide case that feels proper in size. The case has an unusual construction with an indented side that makes it look a bit like a spool without any string on it. Though the shape is augmented by substantial lugs that come out of the middle section of the case. It is actually made like a steel sandwich. Polished steel on the top and bottom, with a brushed steel middle section. The lower polished piece is screwed on and contains a sapphire crystal caseback for a view into the movement. More on that later. Seiko has done an immaculate job finishing the case. The various styles of polish are very well done, moving beautifully between polished and brushed surfaces. I have witnessed Seiko's workers perform these polishes and have to admit that Seiko's clever techniques make for very nice watch parts. Most finishes of this quality tend to be found on much more expensive watches. Plus, despite the many sharp looking angles on the watch, nothing feels sharp or jabs into your wrist. This watch is very comfortable to wear.

Watch brands understood the major problems facing them and their business model. The Internet wasn't going anywhere no matter how much they ignored it, and it was only a matter of time until they had to deal with it. Brands had no experience with the internet. Most brands didn't (and still don't) know how to do anything but make watches. To a large degree, their problem with dealing with the Internet is one of justifiable ignorance. That and the fact that they couldn't look to others for examples on how to deal with this issue. While the economy remained pleasant from 2001-2007, they just puttered along more or less happy.

Storm of London offers a really wide range of timepieces, and I am going to end up writing about a few of the pieces they offer that I like. The Caspa is one of them. I think it has an attractive design, and is affordable enough to allow most people to get it without really even thinking. What you get is a well adapted design, in a Storm package, the is a good fit for many occasions.

This video that was made to illustrate the partnership between Melges yachts and Cuervo y Sobrinos feels like a beer commercial from the early 1990s. I wonder what brew is enjoyed on deck during a high energy yacht regatta race on a speedy Melges 32? Sounds like Swiss owned, Cuban inspired Cuervo y Sobrinos should team up with Jose Cuervo - and dream up a new Latin lager. Mmm.. frosty. Is drinking while boat racing a good idea? I just see the boat - loaded with guys in identical outfits - running around trying to pull ropes with one hand, and their beers fly out of their other hand overboard.  After the race is over everyone kicks back a few more Cuervo Latin Lagers (that actually has a good ring to it), and passes out on the deck. Sounds like an upscale Corona ad. I should go into marketing.

Case is 43.5mm wide and in steel, with polished and satin surfaces. It does actually look quite nice, as does the dial - that would look good if they were to give it a bit more of a traditional looking watch face. There is also a fair amount of lume for actually reading the watch - which is good. Does a piece like this fit into Maurice Lacroix brand DNA? A bit, but many of their pieces go right outside the box.

You'll notice that Oris has refined the look of the "open date" window. The almost triangle-like shape now integrates the day and date indicators and allows for that "open date" design. Oris watches are often innovators when it comes to continuously polishing existing designs. I appreciate them for that. Reading the watch isn't touch at all. The hands have larger lume covered sections in white that contrast nicely with the dark dial. The blue bordered race-font style hour numerals are easy to spot as well - while there are lots of little lumed sections of the dial.

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Bovet Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana Watch

Bovet Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana Watch

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Praesto offers the watch as a limited edition of 100 pieces for each style (total of 300 pieces). It comes with a branded cleaning cloth and nice roll pouch. There really isn't much like it out there and I think it is a great first exploit for the designer. I have a feeling that he will be responsible for additional interesting watches in the future. He will also likely work with Praesto on future watches as the brand matures. Price for this Modern Fliegeruhr is 0, and for the PVD coated version it is 7.

The ceramic that Bell & Ross uses feels nice in the hand, and has the same level of detail and angle crispness that metal has. The case still has the metal screws that the collection is known for. There might be small differences between the production model and the one I am wearing in the images. For instances, the marketing images have screws on the dial of the watch as well as on the case, but the watch I checked out had no screws on the dial. So we will see what ends up in stores.

For me, the ideal way of getting a Maurice de Mauriac was isn't by sitting in an office or shop, but rather in a place like an outdoor cafe in Zurich - where the brand and its principle, Daniel Dreifuss, are based. I imagine sitting over coffee while Mr. Dreifuss takes watches out of a case alongside papers with colors and dials and all sorts of options. It isn't about buying what he had to offer, but about him making what I want to see. Sitting in the Swiss metropolis, you get a good idea of what you want your watch to look like in practice, as opposed to in a white store setting. No doubt this is how many of Maurice de Mauriac's customers choose the look of their next watch.

Note how the chronograph subdials mimic the look of gauges in the car, and the hour markers represent the guards that fit between the switches on the dashboard. Spyker - with its aviation heritage - has the cabins of its cars made to feel like airplane cockpits. The dial is really well done in terms of details and quality. The hands on these prototypes are hard to read - so final version hands will be larger (perhaps not skeletonized), and easier to read. There might be lume hands available as well. One issue with the dial is that there is no luminant for darkness viewing. The dial is covered with a domed sapphire crystal. I looks very attractive, but could benefit from some (or more) AR (anti reflective) coating.

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HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 29

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 29

In episode 20 of HourTime we talk about some of the great Bell & Ross watches of Basel 2010 as well as what a "Chronometer" is. I don't think there have been any Bell & Ross Chronometers though. Still, you are gonna love the Vintage BR 123 and 126 models, as well as the BR03-92 Military Ceramic. We also talk about the Eterna Kontiki Diver that was suddenly brushed under the rug and became the Porsche Design P'6780 Diver watch.

Amazing what a visual redo can do to one's perception. The light weight Pathfinder watch never looked so fresh. All of its many features right at your finger tips, and the added point that people will notice this item on your wrist much more. When wearing the watch I pretty much think about Star Wars, specially Endor. What better scene than a forest battle for a green colored watch? Tell me that this gadget wouldn't have worked well on the wrists of the Endor Forest Rangers (aka, Endor Rebel Troopers). See the included images and video. This watch would have fit in well, given of course that it existed 30 years ago... Yes, nerdy/geeky it is, but a lot of 'watch love' is about emotion. And if wearing a watch and thinking about a movie series I enjoy makes me happy about wearing the watch - everyone is happy.

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The Magrette Kia Kaha is limited to just 25 pieces with a very reasonable price of ,550. These go quick, but there might be a few left. The secret sauce of the watch is that you can choose to share with people the "hidden" engraving. Everyone else will just see it the attractive exterior - leaving the engraved case, your little secret. See or order the Kia Kaha watch on Magrette's website here.

Erwin Sattler Thesaurus – Ultimate Watch Lover’s Desk

Erwin Sattler Thesaurus – Ultimate Watch Lover’s Desk

I quite like the strap actually. the crocodile leather is tapered a bit and it is on a nice fold over butterfly clasp. The deployment is well polished and closes comfortably around the wrist. The clasp is signed with an engraved Pierre DeRoche name and logo.

Anything else different about the T-Touch 2? There are likely to be a few small changes here and there. I didn't do a side by side comparison of the two models. Dimensions are the same, still at 42mm wide. There are actually a host of models available with various color straps, and of course that cool bracelet. That 30 meters of water resistance should now be a reliable number. Like I said, because Tissot will be replacing all existing T-Touch watches with the T-Touch 2, price should be exactly the same as the outgoing models. Look for them soon.

No Tax At Westime Los Angeles Watch Store In April

No Tax At Westime Los Angeles Watch Store In April

- Hours (red triangle) and minutes (blue triangle)
- Small seconds in flame-blued polished steel
- Power reserve (red triangle)

The below article was written by contributor Marco, who sells Bell & Ross watches.

Hublot and JCB are intrinsically connected now, and in the future, Hublot will be part of Mr. Biver's legacy. People have speculated whether or not Hublot will retain JCB, or whether he will find new problem brands to fix. JCB states no such intent. Hublot is fun, and he loves where it is going. With the new movements, new models, and new connections the brand will make, he has years left of work to do. JCB also seems to like his life right now. Not far from his home, the manufacture is a calm drive through the country side and he enjoys his calm estate with its manicured lawn, dairy cows, and lovely view of Lake Geneva. JCB boasts that a few hours at home are like a single day's worth of vacation. A state of lifestyle tranquility that most people would (and do) work a lifetime to achieve.