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A lange Sohne Homage to FALange watches

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Citizen Campanola Grand Complication Review: Radiant Example Of Detail And Refinement Wrist Time Reviews

So what will happen in 2010 when ETA stops selling movements to outside watch makers? One reason they are doing so if because of volume and exclusivity. They are making so many movements that they will only have the capacity to make enough for their in-house brands. Most likely, new competitors will emerge and sell different movements. I am not familiar with the number of patents that ETA has, but at least in the US, Patents are only valid for 14-20 years, depending on the type of Patent. Thus, because many of ETA's movements were designed many years ago, there is nothing barring competitors from making the movements, which will inevitably occur.

Frank Muller Giga tourbillon

The Marcello C Nettuno 3 watches are the most popular line from Marcello C, and with good reason. Phenomenal value for the price because you get a watch that is constructed in manner out of its price league. The standard Nettuno 3 line is well under 00 at about 0 retail at current exchange rates. This auction is for a mint condition blue-faced Marcello C Nettuno 3 starting at 0.00. A good deal considering the quality of the watch and the fact that the blue-faced version is the hardest to come across. The most popular version is the black-faced model due to its resemblance of the Rolex Submariner series of watches. Regardless, the blue-faced model is very handsome with it's metallic blue finish and marine presence.

Piaget Creates Rare Beautiful Skeletonized Thin Mechanical Watch In The Altiplano Squelette Watch Releases

I am pretty happy that the new Rambo movie was as watch-centric as it was. Through the intensely blood-bathed action fest are numerous shots of watches on the characters' wrists. Sylvester Stallone's John Rambo adorns an interesting Panerai watch. It has been a Hollywood tradition for sometime that popular movie characters have a watch fitting their nature and status. We know of the James Bond Omegas and the Terminator has an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak specially made for Schwarzenegger that is worn proudly. Rambo prefers the popular and stylish vintage looks of Italian Panerai watches.

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See Eterna KonTiki watches on eBay here.

The basic elements of the Diavolo involve a Valjoux 7750 based chronograph watch. I am impressed that Marcello C was able to provide a chronograph movement, but that it does not "take over" the look of the watch. The chronograph functions are well integrated into the design to enhance the look. This is the difference between throwing in a chronograph complication, and actually designing a watch around it as Marcello C has done with the Diavolo.

Forget using the chronograph with the inhibited visibility that the cage provides. Or even really being able to view the tourbillon. The only purpose of the tourbillon is interesting to look at. Now, even that limited benefit of having a super expensive movement is degraded by security beams bolted to the front of the Zenith Mega Port Royal Tourbillon. Even the large amount of spacial real estate on 40x57mm case doesn't do too much to help with being able to see the hands underneath.

Rado Thinline watches

Partita Watch Store in San Francisco has no website or manner of buying watches online at this time, but you can call them at (415) 447-0795 and they will most likely be happy to ship anything to you. Price wise, Partita is very reasonable. Depending on the watch you want, they are always willing to see what they can do to make you a satisfied customer. More information about them can be found on their Partita Custom Jewelry and Watch Store Yelp review here. When contacting them, feel free to mention that you learned about them at It will encourage them to develop a more substantial web presence to get more wonderful watches out to watch enthusiasts.

Buying A Watch Online: Why Internet Shopping For Watches Is Safe and Stress Free

Buying A Watch Online: Why Internet Shopping For Watches Is Safe and Stress Free

Marcello C. Diavolo Watch Review: Beneficent Devil In The Details Wrist Time Reviews Marcello C. Diavolo Watch Review: Beneficent Devil In The Details Wrist Time Reviews Personally, I really like the face of the Diavolo. It can take some viewing to really appreciate this very unorthodox design for those who aren't convinced at first. Some have called the design "Italian," and I can see that. In my opinion, the greatest design comparison for Marcello C. in creating the Diavolo is the award-winning Hublot Big Bang. The shapes of the numbers are in a similar font, along with the shape of the number indicators; those being polished rectangles with the thin luminant strips. The Diavolo also shares some subtle similarities with a few Oris watches, that the founder of Marcello C. used to work for. Better yet, the Marcello C. Diavolo shares one of the best features of the Big Bang, which are the hands. Broad as Japanese animation style swords, the hands are sharp and proud with beveled edges stemming from the center. Big hands make a big statement. Even the chronograph and seconds hands share this look. The generous amount of luminant makes them bright in the dark, and a pleasure to look at. The hands are not directly taken from the Big Bang, even though it was released before the Diavolo. Instead, close inspection of the Marcello C. Tridente Chronograph and Senatore watches reveals an evolutionary progression in the design of the hands. It just happens that Marcello C. and Hublot happened to share some common ideas. The Diavolo and the Big Bang are not watches in the same class, so they aren't exactly competitors. The Big Bang's cheapest iteration is about ,000, while the Diavolo averages at about ,050. Marcello C. made an excellent choice in emulating a very well received watch. I anticipate the result of this to be a high degree of initial customer recognition with the Diavolo, because of familiarity of the Hublot Big Bang.

Marcello C. Diavolo Watch Review: Beneficent Devil In The Details Wrist Time Reviews
Hublot Big Bang similar to the Marcello C. Diavolo

See Helix watches on eBay here Helix: New Brand Brings Cool And Rugged Okto Deep Black Diving Watch On The Cheap Watch Buying .

Replica Longiness Dolce Vita Watches

Fit and finish on Citizen Campanola watches bests many Swiss watches at double or triple the costs. Being the highest line for Citizen, they take great pride in all Campanola watches. These aren't even made by the same workers, as special hand-selected artisans and watch masters construct and finish each Citizen Campanola by hand.

The Rolex is the most expensive watch on this list (,000-,000 depending on metals used) and does the least, but you get to know you’ve got a Rolex when you are living the spartan life eating coconuts and roots. Instantly recognizable for what it is, the Rolex GMT Master II takes the classic Rolex Submariner watch and adds a GMT hand for a second time zone, and gold if you are lucky (even the hands are made of white gold, if you can tell). You can use the rotating bezel to measure times of up to an hour, and it can take you deep underwater with is admirable depth rating (Rolex did invent the water resistant Oyster case). The bezel is now made of ultra-hard ceramic to ensure no scratches, this watch is sure to take a beating an still look good if you manage to build a bar or lounge out of washed up debris. This watch is for the confidant castaway. When you don’t think you need the functions the other watches provide, and wish to tell stories upon your (hoped) rescue of how it was just you and "the Rolex" out there battling the elements. You can always trade it for safe passage back to civilization on a passing ship. Keep one in your luggage at all times.

Look for the Britto collection when mass distribution starts in in July 2008 at Bloomingdales, Tourneau, Macy’s, and other TechnoMarine retailers. Visit here.

Rado Integral Jubile watches

Schwarzenegger: No one said looking good would come cheap. Here the Schwarzenegger watch is the bargain of the two. The pictured rose gold Schwarzenegger watch retails for just over ,000. For that money, you could barely buy a Hummer H2, and not even close to Schwarzenegger's preferred vehicle, the Hummer H1.

Another great reason to give a watch a new strap or bracelet is to make it feel newer. A watch's strap or bracelet is often the part of the watch that receives the most wear and tear. Putting on a new fresh strap or bracelet will really freshen up an otherwise aged watch. Try it on an old watch and you will realize how much a new strap or bracelet can do.

Read Paul Hubbard's full review on Watch Report »

Replica Breitling Navitimer Watches

In fact, even while this statistic is rising, the US only consumes about 15% of the wrist watch market. Newly invigorated marketing efforts are attempting to remedy this, but the bottom line is that the US is often overlooked when it comes to distribution of many watches. Europe, the Middle East, and Asia enjoy most of where the watches are going. Especially when it comes to the "boutique" makers.

I enjoy my fare share of critics on this note, but I will take my HTC Kasier which fully supports as much third party software as I can thorw into it as possible, over an iPhone any day. I want to know that I will have the option of fixing something myself rather than having to pay Apple an enormous amount of money to do it. I want to know that the products I buy are designed to be used by me, not instead to use me. For all that, I take this iPhone I so luckily won, sitting in it's box unopened, as useless as a brick.

Affiliate Marketing, Watch Shopping, and Design Knock-Offs

Affiliate Marketing, Watch Shopping, and Design Knock-Offs

As stated above, the little details about this watch are what make it a pleasure to look at. Notice the small face designed into the moonphase, which itself is gold plated. This is a commonly used feature in luxury watches, and represents that while measurements are important, one should take time in stride and not focus on limits of time, but more on the elapsing of time. The dial of the watch is crafted in what is called "Japanese Rose Wood." A special lacquering technique used to create a reddish brown that sparkles as though it contained small stars. This slightly cosmic look goes with the stars in the moonphase indicator and is reminiscent that our calendars and time telling itself base themselves on the skies and Earth movement through the cosmos.

Breitling Professional

Omega has the rare privilege of selling true classics. And while I am not the biggest fan of all their watches, the Swatch Group owned brand has their share of laudable designs. Today I am speaking of the Speedmaster series of watches. There are experts on this watches; those fans who are familiar with the many iterations and fascinating history of the "Moon watch." I am not one of those people, but I can tell you what I know. The Omega Speedmaster was chosen by NASA for it astronauts in the late 1960s for the Moon missions. The design is pure legibility, and the watch has a easy to use chronograph. The thin white hands on the matte black face provide exceptional clarity. And the watch itself was made to endure the high g-forces of space rocket travel, as well as low and gravity free environments. Since then the Speedmaster has remained in production and has been released in countless variations, styles, and editions.

The Many Faces Of The Legendary Omega Speedmaster Watch Watch Buying

New Steampunk Watch Direction: Asymmetry, Big Gears: New Items From Olga Clock Works Watch Style It's been a while since I covered new work from one of my favorite watch and clock artists; Olga Narozhna (click to visit her site). I wrote an at length article about her here. Among her many fine efforts, she offers really interesting steampunk watch creations, that if you are lucky, she sells on eBay. For the initiated, steampunk is a design style that melds industrial revolution era technology aesthetic, Victorian era design cues, and a hefty dose of Jules Verne science fiction wonder.

The biggest difference of course is the watch case, which is shaped differently in the Japanese version, and slightly smaller. The world model is a slightly larger watch, but some considered it too large. Personally, I love the size, but 45mm for some people over does it. The nature of the Japanese case makes it smaller and more "traditionally" round in size. You'll notice the world model is a bit more of tonneau shape (even though the dial is round), further it is comprised of two highly polished pieces of steel. In contrast with the uniquely organic shape of the world Grand Complication, the Japanese version features beefy lugs on a wide smooth bezel. These two seemingly similar watches thus have a multitude of differences when you take a close look.

Replica Hublot Classic Fusion

With full knowledge of their audience, Bell & Ross offers a line of BR-02 models, even some in pink gold. The PVD model offer on this eBay auction is ideal, and a perfect blend of style and function. While typically well over ,500, this particular eBay auction begins at just ,800. An excellent deal for this watch.

See the previous article on the Linde Werdelin Land Instrument here.

Due to the fact that the RSW uses discs with digital characters (the numbers) combined with their analog rotation results in what is a hybrid approach, that I have called "Digilog." No doubt this term is trademarked elsewhere, but the idea is clear. What I like is that RSW was able to combine the attraction of an analog watch, with the legibility of a digital watch. At least in theory that is the case. To tell the time displayed on the discs where they intersect with the broad white indicator line at the lower section of the watch. The outer disc reads the hours, then middle disc reads the minutes, and the smallest inner disc with minimal markers displays the seconds.

Omega Aqua Terra watches

Fit and finish on Citizen Campanola watches bests many Swiss watches at double or triple the costs. Being the highest line for Citizen, they take great pride in all Campanola watches. These aren't even made by the same workers, as special hand-selected artisans and watch masters construct and finish each Citizen Campanola by hand.

"You see this watch? This watch costs more than your car." Alec Baldwin proclaims this confidently in the movie version of Glengarry Glen Ross (see clip here on YouTube; excellent performance). It's a powerful line. If you wear a DeWitt WX-1, you can similarly proclaim to most of America, a related yet enhanced version of this statement. "You see this watch? This watch costs more than your house." Thats right, the 33 WX-1 watches made are priced at 400,000 Euros each, which is about 0,000. A price far above the average home value in America. Which goes to a question that many have asked me, "why is the watch so expensive?" Or better stated "what makes the watch worth so much money." It is a price meant for an audience. It is unclear who is paying this price, but I am sure some do. The watch has no precious gems, and while it does contain some gold, thats not really were the value is. I explain the number of skilled hours of labor put in to both developing and constructing the watch as a hint to its value. I explain the uniqueness of the design, and undecipherable (for most) complication of the internal components. People are swayed. They just didn't get it, yet somehow I did, though it was difficult to explain.

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Maligned Marketing: Apple Tactics

Maligned Marketing: Apple Tactics