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So what was I doing at Frederique Constant with a reader, taking valuable watchmaker space? Watch brands don't just invite people to occupy their production space to play around with watch making. It isn't something you can pay for, and even company employees and VIP collectors only get access to special outside workshops and classes. We however sat among the other watchmakers during business as normal trying to quickly learn the ins and outs of movement assembly. It was part of a giveaway we did back in December of 2012 where (among other things), I was to join a lucky reader in Geneva and make a timepiece at Frederique Constant. It was a rare treat and doing so was a novel experience for both myself, the reader, and the people at Frederique Constant.

If you've got that IPO in your pocket, I have the perfect gift for you - the Chopard Happy Diamonds. An iconic design from a famed jeweler, the Happy Diamonds introduced the idea of having gold-set diamonds moving freely in between two layers of sapphire crystal. In addition to of course, diamonds in the bezels. 18 carat gold, quartz movement, mother of pearl dial, also available in white gold. The play of light over moving diamonds makes for the ultimate display of luxury goods. Yours for a mere ,780 or ,520 at here.

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With the invention of SCUBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) and a modern understanding of diving theory, the dive watch was born in the 1950s.  Rolex and other brands like Blancpain would eventually create the first true dive watches.  These are watches that could be used as daily wear but also be used as an instrument for diving.

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A. Lange & Söhne Grand Lange 1 Watch Hands-On

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It is only on the dial-side that you will see the main differences. The dial is a regal purple with gold markers and a single hand that is like no other single hand I have seen on a watch.

Most importantly, the watches time, date and accuracy are all updated by the phone.  This can be very convenient in traveling, as long as you have your phone set up to auto adjust timezones.  Since the iPhone is accurate to the atomic clock, your Proximity will be as well.  You can always calibrate the time on the watch to the phone by pushing the lower right button for three seconds.  Without the updates, they are accurate to -/+ 15 seconds a month.

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In black DLC, the 42mm wide steel Enginner Hydrocarbon case is as great as ever. I am thinking that the edges of the lugs could use polished beveled edges, but maybe that is just my opinion. In black, the piece has a fantastic stealthy look, and this may be the first DLC black Hydrocarbon-style case ever offered by Ball. At just over 13mm thick, it isn't too chunky of a watch but it is water resistant to 300 meters making it a rather good diver. What I still don't understand is how some of these models keep flopping around in their water resistance.

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Luminant must be charged by light, and the amount of time required to charge depends upon the brightness of the light. Sunlight is the best and just a few minutes will really charge up lume well. Indoor lighting doesn't fare as well. The more UVs the better. Below we have more information on the brightest luminant colors.

Speaking of the 7067BR, (does that bloody "BR" really need to be there?), it's a dual time zone Tradition model with a beautiful design. The case is all Breguet with its fluted side and customary looking lugs. The case is 40mm wide and available in 18k white or rose gold. Inside the watch is the Breguet caliber 507 DRF manually wound movement. I love the frosted anthracite gray surfaces. The movement has two times, a day/night indicator for the reference time, and a power reserve indicator. It has 50 hours of power reserve and silicon balance spring. Of course it is nice to have the escapement on the dial so that your eyes are treated with regular movement.

The first thing I noticed about the Night Vision watch while wearing it was that it reminded me of my Blackberry. Why? Well they both have little flashing red lights on them. Though my Blackberry only does that when I have new e-mails (which is mostly all the time). Thankfully, those annoyed by the blinking red light located at 6 o'clock can turn it off with five rapid presses to the pusher on the left side of the case. Swiss Army calls it a locator light, and the idea is to let you find your watch in absolute darkness. It blinks once each ten seconds. That's kinda cool, and like I said it can be activated or deactivated.